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Are you feeling like your house has become much smaller but you are not ready to move yet? You could create more room with dormer extensions at the roof level of your house. The secret, however, is to find a good contractor who has experience and the capacity to give you good value for your money. At Allied Addition, we have transformed a lot of homes by creating an extra bedroom or even storage space in the attic.


If you have been wondering how to make this change, let our team of architectural designers have a look at the current structure and we will recommend the possible changes. Once you approve the required changes, we will start immediately and deliver the final results in time and within the specified budget. For example, maybe the natural lighting in your upstairs rooms is not sufficient and you are wondering how to rectify the situation - our dormer extensions designs will allow extensive windows that will enhance the lighting situation in your home.


Our team is experienced in transforming homes and you can be sure that yours too will receive a design that complements the existing roof work. We ensure that we source the best materials that go hand in hand with the existing materials so that the whole house is uniformly done. If you would like to discuss your project today, call or visit our offices and we will schedule a meeting.


We are located in Manorville, NY, and we have been instrumental in designing dormers in the local area and beyond. Our work is outstanding and we would like you to see some demos of our previous projects to help you decide what exactly you are looking for. Our team is also very helpful with information and guidance throughout your project, and we will be happy to undertake your home transformation too. Contact us today.

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